Lignum Holzwirtschaft Schweiz

Soon: Lignatec on sustainable timber construction in English!

By the beginning of May an English version of the Lignatec's trilogy on "Climat friendly and energy efficient building with wood" is going to be published. The English Lignatec will consist the contenct of the first and the second Lignatec on this subject (called Umsetzung and Grundlagen). Hence a 88+ paged book with plenty of graphic illustrations about the basics, case studies and a manual on best practice will put your sales arguments aboard on another level.

The book is published in cooperation with Ingenious Switzerland, Cleantech Switzerland and the Swiss Business Hub UK. Together we are currently in the process of setting up a concept on how and where to market this comprehensive book with its unique holistic approach. We are happy to hear your comments on  how to bandy it about and where your organisation can step in to help!